back to the divideFor some of you, I imagine this cover might look similar. Several months ago, I featured a very similar one for the first book in this series. So, instead of The Divide, we now have Back to the Divide by Elizabeth Kay. The covers are quite similar, both featuring an eye with a split down the middle in which the book opens from both sides (I loved this about these books when I was a kid and I still love it now). I personally think that this cover is far cooler to look at than the cover for the first book, but ultimately nothing really beats the way that this book opens. Of course, as a book for children having your book open this way leaves you with the opportunity to get some pages bent, so you’ve got to be pretty careful with these books, especially when you’re closing that outside flap.

I really love the way that this cover really sends home the concept of the divide that is a primary piece toward the story. The divide is how the main character of this story travels into a new world and, paralleling that, the divide is how readers break into the story as well. The eye kind of exists as another paralleled divide, just in how it’s portrayed in the center of the cover and also divided through the middle. I don’t personally think that this is one of the more beautiful covers when it comes to simply looking at it, because you really need to be able to open the book to truly appreciate how wonderful it truly is.

How do you feel about this cover? Is it one that would make you pick up this book? Do you think it’s exciting? Boring? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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