I wonder how many people will manage to guess this month’s title adaptation. It’s from a pretty popular book that was published some time ago, one that I actually went looking for signed copies of about a week ago out of curiosity. Let’s just say, with the price on that book I could put half a down payment on a house. And yet I still want it so terribly. Anyway, I’ll let you all know what book this is from next month if you don’t manage to guess it!


Throughout May I manged to read 35 books (five more than last month!) and review 25, which is one short of what I had last month and so I really feel like I need to step it up a bit. Still waiting on that month when I review more than I read, but still manage to read a good amount.

the black mageAnd I think the best read of May this year is a graphic novel, one that was uncomfortable and shocking in a lot of ways. I reviewed The Black Mage recently, though it was this month and therefore will be part of June’s wrap up post, but it’s available if you wanted to check it out. The book deals heavily with racism, which ultimately is how it manages to really get to you.

Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key [Alex Hiam]

Rape Jokes [Louise MacGregor]

Harry Potter: The Prequel [J.K. Rowling]Harry Potter: The Prequel [J.K. Rowling]

The Disney Book [Jim Fanning]

The Dictionary of Difficult Words [Jane Solomon]

The Best Gender-Neutral Baby Name Book [Melanie Mannarino]

Drawing Animals in Colored Pencil [Debra Kauffman Yaun]

Virtually Yours [Sarvenaz Tash]

NetGalley Buzz Books 2019 Fall YA Sampler

Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle [Laura Purdie Salas]

Charcoal Boys [Roger Mello]

Raven’s Gate [Anthony Horowitz]

Early Readers Sampler [Learner Publishing Group]

100,000 Baby Names [Bruce Lansky]

La Isabela; Jakob Kayne [Sylvian Runberg]

All Eyes On Us [Kit Frick]

Grease Bats [Archie Bongiovanni]

Our Future [Janet Wilson]

Max’s Box [Brian Wray]

Sailor Moon Volume 2 [Naoko Takeuchi]

Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine [Ray Kurzweil]

Leviathan [Scott Westerfeld]

Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time [Richard Van Camp & David Robertson]

Confuchsia: An Early Bird’s Tale [Alan J. Paul]

Fifty Shades of Grey [E. L. James]

And that’s the end of my May wrap up! Hope you all had an amazing month of reading!

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