I’m actually re-reading Raven’s Gate right now, a fantastic book that you should all give a shot. I’ll admit, it’s not my typical style since it definitely could fall into a horror-esque category, but Anthony Horowitz is simply an amazing writer and I couldn’t pass up one of his fantastic stories. I was shocked to find out how much I enjoyed reading Christina Lauren’s Roomies, since romance is not a genre I care to read much, but this novel was tastefully written and actually got me caring about the characters. And while Marissa Meyer may be my favorite author, her book Renegades wasn’t my favorite. I was a little disappointed and it still pains me to say.

As for the final two, first I have a Goosebumps story that I’m sure many will consider blasphemous to be rated with only two stars, but I never really cared for R. L. Stein’s works, not because I think his writing is terrible but rather because I, generally, cannot get into horror themed novels. The ones with the dummies are exceptionally meh for me. The second is a novel I was provided with in exchange for an honest review that was just plain awful, much to my own dismay. There are a lot of problems with it that I just couldn’t forgive the novel for.

5 Star R Read:

raven's gate

4 Star R Read:


3 Star R Read:


2 Star R Read:

revenge of the living dummy

1 Star R Read:

The Rebirth of Francesca

R TBR Read:

the raven's tale

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