lord of shadowsI almost feel ashamed of the fact that I read Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare and in fact, a very large part of me just wants to cancel her altogether. If you’re not aware of why (which, I’d hope some of my long-term readers are), you can pop over to my review of the first book she ever published, City of Bones since I went and did a bit of research for all of you who are unaware of the awful behavior surrounding miss Clare from massive amounts of bullying of both critics and fans, inciting others to bully for her, and to the plagiarism claims. For a long time, I tried to excuse my reading of her books and the fact that I did like most of them by saying that much of her work is stolen. But, at the end of the day, there really is no justification in my mind for supporting terrible people and, as such, I’ve decided that I’ll no longer read anything new that she puts out. As it stands, Lord of Shadows is the last novel I will have ever read by her.

And, speaking of Lord of Shadows, it was the sort of book that, while not completely awful, definitely continued a lot of Clare’s annoying habits from stupid love polygons that somehow everyone is a part of to unnecessary drama and recreating the same old plot points and characters with new names and slightly different stories. But, basically, Clare never graduated from plagiarism. Where she began plagiarizing others, now she plagiarises herself.  And while that’s slightly more respectable, it’s still stupid and annoying.

Now, I wrote my review for Lord of Shadows quite a long while ago. And it was mainly focused on the love nonsense that she pulls. Looking back, I wish I’d mentioned her copying her prior books and while, yes, I was initially drawn in by the racial discussion and the thing between Emma and Julian in the first novel, I think at the end of the day I’ve finally gotten to a point where I just can’t forgive or ignore certain facets of the stories, Clare, and her writing in a way that would allow me to continue reading her books. It is what it is. You can check out the Goodreads page if you like. But I wouldn’t blame you if you were done with her, too.

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