So, after I stopped laughing at the outrageous idea that someone would take it upon themselves to plagiarize E. L. James of all people–were you looking to normalize abuse or just write shitty novels?–as if that were a good idea in any sense, I did a lot more reading. And damn, the level of plagiarism referenced in Caffeinated Fae’s #CopyPasteCris post is rather insane. Now, I’m not a romance reader, typically, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that I didn’t know about this until now. Apparently, it started all the way back in February and now involves some lawsuits.

Now, as it stands I’d say there’s a pretty strong case that plagiarism happened. There seems to be more than enough evidence and while I won’t push my opinion off on anyone else, I think the information provided in the post linked above speaks for itself. And really, the main reason why I decided to share this post is because any form of plagiarism is wrong. And it’s one of those things where, were I an author in this situation, I’d be infuriated, hurt, and demoralized. A part of me just can’t fathom how someone would ever think to do something like this.

And then there’s the fact that it’s so widespread. The level of plagiarism from this single author is even bigger than the Cassandra Clare debacle I referenced in my review of her first novel City of Boneswhich is shocking to say the least and almost impressive, in its own extremely twisted way. But I digress. It wasn’t my intention to get caught up in all of this, but I do strongly, and passionately, believe that crimes such as these should be brought into the limelight. So, check it out for yourself. See what you think.

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