And the alphabet is slowly winding down, here we are at a batch of five S books with one for each star rating. I’ve actually reviewed quite a few of these ones, so if you click on the image you can pop over to the review (if you’ve not realized this is a thing before). I loved the first three books on this list, though Sherwood had a deeply annoying and unnecessary romance and Sleeping Beauty was a bit off, but for the most part they’re all pretty fantastic.

Maximum Ride is actually the reason I’m not a huge fan of James Patterson as an author, though other novels of his have played a small role in influencing it as well. Second Star was just disappointing. And my goodness, I have wasted so much time with Sadie, which I started but just haven’t finished. I really need to get on that.

5 Star S Read:

secondhand origin stories

4 Star S Read:


3 Star S Read:


2 Star S Read:

saving the world and other extreme sports

1 Star S Read:

second star

S TBR Read:


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