love the story Tigerlilja so much. It’s one of the few that I’ve actually put my highlights from the Kindle up on my Goodreads page, so check that out if you’re interested. Honestly, I had so much fun reading this novella. This Savage Song was amazingly unique in some seriously wonderful ways. The last three were all books that I felt kind of let down by, truthfully, though Tell Me Three Things was a bit better than the rest. As for Truthwitch, well, I should really get my hands on a copy of that one soon.

5 Star T Read:


4 Star T Read:

this savage song

3 Star T Read:

tell me three things

2 Star T Read:

there's something about sweetie

1 Star T Read:

teach me to forget

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6 thoughts on “Bookish T; Alphabet Challenge

  1. I haven’t read This Savage Song yet, but hopefully soon I will. I’m suprised that you didn’t like There’s Something about Sweetie, I thought it was a cute cheesy romance


    1. It’s pretty good. As for Sweetie, it had a bunch of problems that bugged me and I honestly can’t stand how unrealistic their relationship was. It was so insta-lovey and I never felt like their connection was real.


      1. Huh, I didn’t really think about it. It took them a little bit for their relationship to devolep and it kinda seemed they had a crush on each other or that’s what I saw. Different opinions for the same books. Can’t love all of them.


      2. Yeah. Well they were talking about being in love by the end of the book and they’d only been on three dates and barely knew each other for a month. So that’s what got me. I cringed through a lot of it, tbh.


      3. I gotcha, then again, I felt like the dates were glossed over quite a bit and it got a little insta-love


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