odetteI wanted to love Odette way more than I actually did. And that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m pretty protective of The Swan Princess and my feelings over how the story should go. The truth is, Odette isn’t exactly a bad book, but it was a long shot from what I actually wanted and I can never really look back on this book fondly because of it. Also, in my mind it was actually quite boring…none of the supposed to be exciting or at least adrenaline bringing moments ever gave me that rush feeling you get when you’re reading an a really good story. So, maybe some people will love this book, but I just did not. There’s also a really uncomfortable bit in there regarding sleeping with someone you didn’t know and that just left me feeling incredibly icky.

Odette is a Swan Lake retelling, not really taking much of its inspiration from the story that I fell in love with as a child, The Swan Princess. A swan crashes through the window of a journalist with a ridiculous name–Mitzi Fairweather–and eventually turns into a woman. Very quickly Mitzi sees it as her duty to help Odette, but the frustrating bit is that Odette is convinced that she needs a man’s love to set her free of the curse she’s under. And while my initial assumption about this book was that it would be a gay romance between Mitzi and Odette…you’ll be very disappointed if that’s what you go into this book expecting.

So, do you think this book might be for you? If so, check it out on Goodreads. Do you need more information, aren’t sure, or are just curious as to what I thought of this book? If so, feel free to check out my review here! Until next time, happy reading everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Odette [Jessica Duchen]; Throwback Thursday

    1. I don’t want to spoil anything, just in case you want to read it, but while I didn’t like the story, I do think the discussion about one true loves and needing men was interesting.


  1. I hadn’t heard of this but I can see why it wasn’t for you, for sure! Side note, I know of someone named Mitzi in real life (she is not a Good Person) and honestly anytime someone mentions her, for some reason, I can only picture a Muppet-like person. It sounds like a Muppet name.


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