I had a book for every star rating with the letter U! Believe me, I’m pretty shocked about this but I’m also pretty thrilled. I was definitely imagining that this would be difficult to manage, but blessfully, it wasn’t. As for the books, I’m pleased to say that I loved Unhooked, a rather dark and unexpected Peter Pan retelling. The Underfoot is a graphic novel, one that I would recommend more for kids than YA readers, which is where I typically lean.

I do have to admit that I find it rather ironic that the two lowest rated books on this list are there because of abuse romanticism within the novels. While I’ll say it’s a little less obvious in Howard’s novel, it was blatant and glaring in Mafi’s Shatter Me series. The mere fact that Warner is even considered as a love interest, let alone what will go on to happen in the following novels, is super problematic.

I am incredibly excited about The Unbinding of Mary Reade, and it’s a testament to how behind I am with my TBR that I still have yet to read it, but my gosh is this woman utterly fascinating and I can’t wait to read a story about her.

5 Star U Read:


4 Star U Read:

the underfoot

3 Star U Read:

under a fairy moon

2 Star U Read:


1 Star U Read:

unravel me

U TBR Read:

the unbinding of mary reade

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