evermoreI mean, damn, I liked Evermore way more than I ever liked Everless. Cause if I had based my entire opinion of this series on the way the first novel went…well, there’s a high likelihood that I never would have read Evermore in the first place. And that’s a real damn shame because I’m letting you all know right now that this book is better than its predecessor. It’s hard to realize when that happens, that you very well could have missed out on a fantastic book all because the debut just wasn’t up to par with really good writing. But I digress.

Evermore is Sara Holland’s sequel for her In Time concept book. Blood is money, therefore time is money. And basically, people live by paying for things with their life. Then you’ve got the people who have far more time than they could ever deserve or need. And it’s all brought about by this legend of the Alchemist and the Sorceress. Frankly, I think it is with this story that Holland really succeeds. She fails somewhat with her characters and with the time-blood premise. But the Alchemist story? That was bloody fascinating.

If you’re curious to hear more of my thoughts on the story, click over to my review for a more in-depth commentary. If you’ve not read it yet, but you think you might like to, here’s the Goodreads page. That page is also good for if you’ve read it but not written a review since it’s never too late to leave one!

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