far from agrabahOH MY GOSH, YES. Just yes yes yes yes yes. With a cover like that, how could this book not be on my TBR? The new Aladdin retelling, Far From Agrabah by Aisha Saeed, a book based off the 2019 remake of the original Disney film is a book that, admittedly, I don’t need for any reason other than the fact that I happen to really, really love Aladdin. But I knew from the very first moment I saw this book that I’d want it on my shelf eventually. I’ve been seconds away from buying it on numerous occasions and the only things that have stopped me thus far are that I already know the story and I’m broke. So, I’ll be good for a little bit longer before I break and buy it anyway?

One magic carpet ride to a mysterious land, one unforgettable adventure….
Princess Jasmine has always wanted more out of her life – to travel beyond the palace walls, to get to know her people better…to one day become sultana and lead Agrabah. Unfortunately, her overprotective father does not agree. And he keeps introducing her to foreign princes, including a strange – if admittedly charming – one named Ali.
Prince Ali has a secret. He’s not actually royalty from the far-off kingdom of “Ababwa”, as he’s claimed to be. He’s really Aladdin from the streets of Agrabah, who’s stumbled upon an all-powerful genie and a magic carpet and used the first of three wishes to become a prince. Because he, too, longs for a different life.
And when “Prince Ali” presents the magic carpet to Princess Jasmine, she agrees to embark on a journey with him…and asks that he take her to his homeland, Ababwa.
On an adventure in a fantastical kingdom, Aladdin and Jasmine get caught up in the magic therein. But soon sinister outside forces come into play, threatening to strand them there forever.
Will they learn from legends past? Or will the alluring promise of a path to a new life get the best of them?

Do you think you’ll be reading Far From Agrabah in the future? Are you kind of over retellings? What do you think of the fact that this is based off the new film? What do you think of the cover? Are you not an avid Aladdin fan or do you just worry that it won’t be as good as the stuff you’ve already seen or read? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below! Happy reading!

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