Just in case anyone was still curious to know, the quote from last month’s wrap up post was adapted from The Little Prince and yes, I cried when I found out that a signed copy was about $10,000. If I ever win a million, you can bet that’s the first thing I’ll buy. This month’s title is from another older book, chosen largely because I got a sunburn this month, lol.


It took me a little longer to write this post than I meant for it to, but as many of you’ probably already know, I’ve been a bit incapacitated recently. But now that I’m here I can let you know that I only read 30 books this past month which is, unfortunately, four less than last month. However, much to my immense excitement I’ve also realized that I wrote 36 reviews in June! I’ve finally had a month in which I wrote more reviews than books I read and I am over the moon about it!

cinder and ellaAs for the best book I read this month, barring rereads since we all know if I included those it’d be Cress forever and ever, it was a bit of a guilty pleasure read that turned out to be much better than I ever imagined it would be. I really enjoyed Cinder and Ella far more than I initially thought I would. It’s a pretty fantastic story.

Thumbelina [Hans Christian Andersen]

Nordic Tales [Various Authors]

The Black Mage [Daniel Barnes]

You Are Home With Me [Sarah Asper-Smith]

Cogheart [Peter Bunzl]

Game of Secrets [Kim Foster]

The Shatter Me Series [Tahereh Mafi]

Mythos [Stephen Fry]

King Mouse [Cary Fagan]

There Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe [Chris Ferrie]

Sparrowhawk [Delilah S. Dawson]

My Body, My Choice: The Fight for Abortion Rights [Robin Stevenson]

If the Shoe Fits [Deborah Guarino]

The Steadfast Tin Soldier [Hans Christian Andersen]

The American Dream? [Shing Yin Khor]

The Big Book of Twisted Fairy Tales [Sue Nicholson]

The Rug Bear [Emma Rattray]

The Traveling Companion [Hans Christian Andersen]

Cinder and Ella [Kelly Oram]

Okheania: The Tsunami [Éric Corbeyran]

The Okay Witch [Emma Steinkellner]

Acting Wild [Maria Birmingham]

The Escape Manual for Introverts [Katie Vaz]

The Black Coats [Colleen Oakes]

Panda Opposites [Suzi Esterhas]

Scars Like Wings [Erin Stewart]

Dear Mr. President [Sophie Siers]

I Am a Feminist [Monique Polak]

Children of the Resistance [Dugomier]

Some People Do [Frank Lowe]

When We Became Humans [Michael Bright]

Yapper the Unhappy Snapper [Chez Rafter]

Otto the Otter’s Muddy Puddle [Chez Rafter]

It Came From Under the High Chair [Karl Beckstrand]

Bird’s Eye View [John Farndon]

Breath of Flowers [Caly]

And as a bonus, there’s also my review for The Little Mermaid [2017 Film].

And that’s the end of my June wrap up! I hope you all had an amazing month of reading!

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