Hey everyone! If you’ve been following me @ Reader Fox here for a while now, you’ll probably have noticed that the Blogger Support Feature only runs once a week now as opposed to its prior two-day schedule. And the truth is that’s largely because my list of blogs to support has dwindled down to smaller numbers and I want to keep this running for a long time. Now, this is partially because I wanted to have everyone’s consent to feature their blog here and so I asked for volunteers who were okay with it. I haven’t really gone out and searched for people to randomly feature without asking first.

But, I have to admit that it’s a lot easier for me if people who want to be featured just drop their info in so I can periodically go through and offer support. And since I don’t want to miss out on supporting new book bloggers or people who I’ve not found thus far, I have created a sign up page. And just as a side note so that there’s no misunderstanding, since my blog is a book blog, I really only feature book reviews.

This is something where I’m willing to feature book bloggers more than just one time, but I also want to make sure that new people are getting featured as well. It’s possible that in the future I’ll return to posting on two different days, one for people who’ve been featured in the past and one for new features. Either way, I’d like to still show my support to you all and it’s infinitely easier if I’m getting info regularly since I do have a full-time job, a very rambunctious and demanding puppy, and various other life expectations.

So, if you’ve been featured before you can definitely sign up again. I still have all your info, but the form I have you all fill out includes an option for you to pick out the specific review you’d like to have featured (I think this can be helpful particularly for older reviews of yours that might not be getting a lot of traffic anymore). And if you’re new and would like to be featured, definitely sign up!

Happy reading, everyone!

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