So, if you haven’t guessed it already, June’s wrap up post title was from…Fahrenheit 451! One of the few books that I actually enjoyed reading in high school, I’ll have you know. And somehow I still haven’t seen the recent movie that came out, which just goes to show how utterly behind I am of late. I’m slightly ashamed, I’ll be honest. I must remedy this. As for July, I feel like this title is a little easy to figure out. But, then again, who knows. Can you guess the book inspiration for this wrap up post’s title?


I can’t believe July is already over since it feels like just yesterday that it began. But when I look back on the books, it’s definitely been a while since I was curled in a corner with my puppy reading Pricked by Scott Mooney. My reading and reviewing has gone down quite a bit this month due to some stressful life stuff and work overwhelming the heck out of me, but hopefully as we move into August I’ll get back into the swing of things. As for July, though, I’ve managed to read 25 books and review 18, so while it’s definitely a lot smaller than it was last month, (30 & 36 respectively), I’m still pretty happy with it all things considered.

And honestly, the fact that this month was also my boyfriend and I’s anniversary probably had something to do with it.

the bravest knight who ever livedPerhaps it’s a bit silly to choose a children’s book as the best read of last month, but to be honest you really can’t get much better than an LGBTQ story for kids. Honestly, I hope that one day it’s adapted into a longer novel because it’s just beautiful and I frankly would love to hear more about how the relationship developed. 

Trini’s Big Leap [Beth Kephart & Alexander de Wit]

Buzz Books; Adult Reads Fall 2019 [Various Authors]

The Good Thieves [Katherine Rundell]

Don’t Drink the Pink [B. C. R. Fegan]

Irena [Jean-David Morvan & Severine Trefouel]

Fairy Tales for Fearless Girls [Anita Ganeri]

Pricked [Scott Mooney]

The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived [Daniel Errico]

Sweet Valley High: Academic All-Star [Katy Rex & Andres Genolet]

The Game [Terry Schott]

Commute [Erin Williams]

The Element in the Room [Mike Barfield]

Witchy [Ariel Slamet Ries]

My Dad Thinks I’m A Boy?! [Sophie Labelle]

Red, Yellow, Blue [Lyra Mullady]

Romeo and Juliet [William Shakespeare]

Lore Olympus [Rachel Smythe] & WebToon

Aion [Ludovic Rio]

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4 thoughts on “Call Me July

  1. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a great children’s book for the book of the month! I really enjoyed reading your review of The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived. Happy anniversary to you and your boyfriend.


  2. I loved Pricked! It was a pretty nice fast paced book and I really enjoyed it! I loved The Poisoned Apple and how it was set in a fairy tale world, but not a retelling. You read so much! I read more like 10 books a month typically, but I also tend to read a lot of 500 page books or longer. I’m dying to read The Continent!! How did you like it??


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