It’s time for another TBR Wednesday! I’ve got two books for you all to peruse today, one I added and one I didn’t. Will you agree with my choices and follow my lead or will you prefer the book I didn’t add?

in another timeSo, I tend to get super sick of WWII novels, largely because there are so damn many of them. Also, historical fiction isn’t really my forte. So, perhaps those two pieces are playing a part in my lack of desire to read In Another Time by Caroline Leech, but honestly? This book just sounds so damn boring and I really just don’t think it’s for me. Check it out for yourself if those topics I mentioned above are ones that you’re interested in, of course, but I’ll be skipping this one.

Love is worth the fight

It’s 1942, and Maisie McCall is in the Scottish Highlands doing her bit for the war effort as a Women’s Timber Corps lumberjill. Maisie relishes her newfound independence and her growing friendships—especially with the enigmatic John Lindsay.

As Maisie and John work side-by-side felling trees, Maisie can’t help but feel like their friendship has the spark of something more to it. And yet every time she gets close to him, John pulls away. It’s not until Maisie rescues John from a terrible logging accident that he begins to open up to her about the truth of his past, and the pain he’s been hiding.

Suddenly everything is more complicated than Maisie expected. And as she helps John untangle his shattered history, she must decide if she’s willing to risk her heart to help heal his. But in a world devastated by war, love might be the only thing left that can begin to heal what’s broken.

splendor and sparkWell, read the synopsis below for Splendor and Spark by Mary Taranta at your own risk because I’m pretty sure it dropped a ginormous spoiler for book one right there in the first sentence. Honestly, I’m slightly annoyed because the first book for this series has been on my TBR for a while now and I’m pretty sure I’ve just had its ending spoiled for me. Granted, I’m sure there are a bunch of other aspects to the story, but that’s just kind of frustrating. Splendor and Spark is a sequel in a duology that is, yes, on my TBR. Also, it’s got a rather exquisite cover. Hopefully I’ll forget about it over time so that when I finally do get around to reading the first book, I’ll have forgotten the spoiler.

In this exciting follow-up to Shimmer and Burn, Faris has given up love to save her sister’s life and the dying kingdom of Avinea, but will her sacrifices be enough to overcome the poisoned magic and villains surrounding her on all sides?

The fight is just beginning.

Faris has been forced to give up the man she loves for a dangerous but necessary alliance. Her loyalty is bound by a powerful spell to his future bride, the villainous Bryn. And her mother’s powerful spell that could be the key to saving Avinea fights with poisoned magic for control of her heart.

None of that matters though because everything Faris has done has been for Cadence, the little sister she’s been trying to rescue from the king’s slavery. Now they’re finally reunited, but Cadence has a gut-wrenching confession: she remembers everything from while she was under the king’s enchantment, and knows Faris didn’t take her place when she could have. She wants nothing to do with her.

Heartbroken, Faris focuses on tracking Merlock, the king who must be killed to stop The Burn, by manipulating her mother’s spell through her dreams. Before long though, Faris realizes these aren’t normal dreams, they might just be real, and they may show her a way to kill Merlock herself.

But there are things darker than poison that lie in The Burn, and not even the spell deep in Faris’s chest can stop them. Faris will again be faced with impossible choices. Does she risk everything to save Avinea, even if she might lose North and further betray her sister’s trust? Or does she succumb to the poison inside that begs her to think this time, finally, of herself?

So, what are your thoughts on these two books? Adding them? Staying away? Which book sounds better to you? If you haven’t read the first in the series, did the first book pique your interest? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And happy reading, everyone!

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