empress of all seasonsI know I missed out on a chance to have a Blogger Support post last weekend, for which I do genuinely feel terrible. I was exhausted. Fortunately, and wonderfully, I am very excited to be able to feature Rebecca @ Reviews Feed for this week’s support post! Rebecca is just like many of us, an avid reader who no doubt will almost always be caught with a book on her person if not in her hand. And she even offers proofreading services!

I was truly excited when I saw Empress of all Seasons by Emiko Jean was a book that Rebecca had reviewed. I’d seen it around, being rather active in the YA community and all, though I can’t recall if it was on my TBR prior to reading this review. And well, if it wasn’t before, it certainly is now. A brilliantly written review, Rebecca does a marvelous job of really giving her readers a great feel for how they might think of the novel without giving away any important points from the book.

“…Mari, Taro and Akira are all vastly different characters whose lives collide in this tale. Even though they each have their different backgrounds and privileges, what struck me the most is that despite this, they are all desperate to break away from the expectations others have of them…”

I’d definitely suggest stopping by Rebecca’s blog to offer her some much deserved support. Check out a few more of her reviews and posts, and maybe even give her a follow! And then, if you’re feeling like you’d wanna be featured sometime on Reader Fox, drop by the Sign Ups page and leave your info! Happy reading, everyone!

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