the goodbye summerYou know, my initial reaction to this was a big nah, I’ll never read that. It’s definitely one that falls into the category of contemporaries I’m not super interested in. But, to be fair, I do think that this is probably a pretty good book, so long as the goodbye is given to the older guy that this girl probably 100% should not be dating. And I mean, it’s a coming of age that has a message I’m sure will resonate really well with some girls.

So, as a whole, I’m okay with the book. It looks worth reading. I just don’t care for the plot on a personal level, so I’m going to pass.

Caroline can’t wait for summer to end so that she and her older boyfriend, Jake, can run away together. She decides to spend her last summer at home saving money working at the local aquarium gift shop–and spending all the rest of her time hanging with Jake.

Then she meets Georgia, a counselor at the aquarium camp. Georgia weaves her way into Caroline’s life and suddenly the summer feels a lot less lonely.

The stronger Georgia and Caroline’s bond grows, the more uneasy Caroline becomes about her plans to leave. When summer comes to a close, she will have to say goodbye to someone… but who is she willing to lose?

How do you feel about The Goodbye Summer? Do you think you might add it to your TBR or no? What do you think about the fact that she’s prepping to run away with her “older boyfriend” in the beginning? Any hopes? Predictions? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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