the rose gateThe first thing I saw when I popped over to Alissa @ Alissa White today was a bullet pointed list of reasons for why I should read a book that had a gorgeous cover. And honestly, that post alone was so much fun that I knew this was a blog worth following. Cue visiting her about page and I was thrilled to learn that two of the books Alissa read and loved as a child were books that I had fallen in love with when I was in second and fourth grade respectively, Nancy Drew and Eragon. This is definitely a blog worth following.

This week’s featured review is the one Alissa wrote for The Rose Gate by Hanna Sandvig, a fae retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I’ve always been a massive fan of retellings, especially of this story, and so when I saw the review there was really no question to the fact that I needed to check it out. And from what Alissa has said, this was an incredible re-imagining of the wonderful story. Though it follows along more closely with the Disney version than the original story.

“…this is definitely one of the most satisfactory BATB retellings I’ve read in a long time. Sandvig’s creative spin on the fairy tale is interesting and intriguing…”

And that’s all for today! Please drop by Alissa’s blog and show her some much deserved support for her amazing reviews. She’s got a lot of brilliant ones and many are YA! And of course, if you’re feeling like you’d wanna be featured sometime on Reader Fox, drop by the Sign Ups page and leave your info!

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