spin the dawnI remember really liking this book at first. And I remember being rather excited about having the ability to read it as an ARC. That’s without even thinking about how utterly beautiful the cover is. And, to be fair, Spin the Dawn by Elisabeth Lim is a really good book. The plot was fun, the quest was interesting, and I loved the main character. But damn, that romance was terrible.

I absolutely hated the pairing in this novel. It doesn’t help that I felt the guy should have had some sort of Merlin-esque status, an old and wise advisor. But, ultimately, I just couldn’t stand anything to do with them falling in love. It was cheesy, it was overdone, and it really hurt my ability to enjoy the story. This is one of few books where I am certain it would have been infinitely better had there been absolutely no love interest whatsoever.

To read more of my thoughts on this novel, feel free to check out my review. And then there’s Spin the Dawn‘s Goodreads page. Happy reading, everyone!

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