And I’m back again with another YA sampler, this one for BHC Press. It features a bunch of new books, some of them I found more interesting than others and even one that I actually have an ARC for. As is typical with the samplers, I was introduced to books that I liked and ones that I know I likely won’t enjoy reading. But one of the greatest things about the BHC Press YA Sampler is the fact that each excerpt they give in this is actually fairly long.

Within the span of five chapters each (with the exception of one sample that was only about two chapters long), you get a chance to experience the beginning of eight different stories from Hood Academy to Guardians of the Dead. You get a chance to know the characters, learn the writing style of the author, and determine whether or not these stories might be for you.

Ultimately, of the eight books I had the chance to get a feel for with this sampler, there were only two that I am quite eager to read. Hood Academy, a red riding hood retelling, and The Path Keeper, a YA romance that somehow involves angels, both sound like fun stories and I loved not only the writing, but the voice of the characters. Some others that I’d be interested in, but am not exceptionally excited for, are Remon’s Quest (sounded interesting), Light of Darkness (had a good plot, but I didn’t like the writing), and Guardians of the Dead (seemed okay).

I personally couldn’t see myself reading Johnny Hunter as it very much fit into the category of books I just know I’m going to grow bored of–realistic fiction just isn’t my thing–and I was thoroughly unimpressed with the writing for The Uncovering and The Secret of Dinswood. As it stands, these books didn’t really get my attention at all. So, in the end if you’re a fan of the kind of books I enjoy, I’d say stick with the ones in the first paragraph and give them a shot. If not, perhaps consider the ones I didn’t care for.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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