the holidayI just have to begin this week’s Blogger Support post by saying I love the layout Jules @ One More Word has for her blog. From cover photo, to coloring, to the blog theme itself this is an absolutely gorgeous site to look at. I’ve been following Jules for a while now, but as someone who typically just uses the WordPress app, I don’t often get a chance to take a look at the main website for blogs. This one impressed me.

Now I’m personally not much of a crime fiction / thriller / mystery / horror reader. In fact, books like these are the ones I tend to avoid. That said, I decided to feature Jules’ review for The Holiday by T. M. Logan this week. I have to say, it seems rather brave to me to read a story about a killer murdering people on holiday while on holiday yourself. But Jules did it and she enjoyed the book immensely. She’s definitely braver than I am!

“…I was sitting in the glorious Majorca sunshine while reading about the sweltering heated holiday of a group of friends who all booked some time away together that ended disastrously…”

So, please take some time to drop by Jules’ blog–especially if these are the kinds of books you enjoy. Give her some much-deserved support, check out some of her other reviews and posts, and then, if you’re feeling like you’d wanna be featured sometime on Reader Fox, drop by the Sign Ups page and leave your info!

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