the thousandth floorIt’s Saturday! Which means it is time for another blogger support feature and today I’m so thrilled to be featuring Alex @ Scribbles and Stories! Like a great many of us, Alex hopes to one day become a published author. In so many ways, I genuinely feel a great connection with Alex just on account of the fact that I have quite a bit in common with her. She’s really fascinated by space, which is something I’ve definitely felt for an incredibly long time–though Alex has put space into her blog much more-so than I have so you gotta pop over to see that; it’s really cool–and she’s also very much against cold weather. I could never agree more. And we’re both from the Northern-ish area of California, which is pretty cool.

Now, of course, Alex has a lot of cool skills that I personally don’t have and if you wanna know what they are, you should definitely click on the link above! Trust me, there are some impressive skills listed.

I’ve decided today to feature Alex’s review of The Thousandth Floor, partially because it sounds like an amazing YA novel, but especially because I actually talked about this book a couple of days ago. I was already curious and interested in reading this book, but I’m even more excited now after reading Alex’s raving review for it.

“…if Katherine McGee had dropped THAT little tidbit on me in the first few chapters, I had absolutely no idea what else she was capable of, and I was deliciously curious to find out. Almost against my will, I found myself completely sucked into the story…”

Please take a bit of time to check out some of the amazing reviews and writing that Alex has on her blog! Like a few posts, maybe give her a follow if you like her stuff! And then, if you’re feeling like you’d wanna be featured sometime on Reader Fox, drop by the Sign Ups page and leave your info!

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