It’s been quite some time since July’s wrap up post, and despite feeling that August moved by so quickly, it still seems as though July was eons ago. I got so much done this past month. Granted, that Goodreads challenge update does include five books I read since September began, but it’s still a pretty impressive feat.



I can’t believe it’s September already. It feels like August was barely a blip in time with how fast it went by. And honestly, a part of me feels kind of exhausted. I can’t believe how much I got done this past month. In thirty-one days I managed to read 32 books and write 28 reviews. Now, I’ll say that the Disneyathon and NetGalley’s Reviewathon likely played a role in how much reading and reviewing I managed to get done, but I’m still pretty proud of it.

the last magicianFor the month of August, the best book that I read is hands down Lisa Maxwell’s The Last Magician. I didn’t expect to be blown away by this book when I picked it up as the Group Book for the Disneyathon. Fortunately, this book was filled with a magic that amazed me beyond belief and I’m so incredibly glad that I was brought to read it.

Snitchy Witch [Frank J. Sileo]

All in the Same Boat [Wilkie J. Martin]

The Orchid Throne [Jeffe Kennedy]

Science in a Jar [Julia Garstecki]

The Best Friend Problem [Mariah Ankenman]

Moth & Whisper [Ted Anderson]

Rose [Denis Lapière and Émilie Alibert]

How to Catch a Dragon [Adam Wallace]

The Class [Frances O’Roark Dowell]

No Room for a Pup [Elizabeth Suneby]

Unplugged and Unpopular [Mat Heagerty]

A is for Apricat [Mauro Gatti]

Life As We Knew It [Susan Beth Pfeffer]

My Best Friend Runs Venus [Katrina S. Forest]

Gaia Blues [Gud]

Birthday [Meredith Russo]

The Last Magician [Lisa Maxwell]

Mama Bird Lost an Egg [Evelyne Fournier]

Mooncakes [Suzanne Walker]

One is a Lot (Except When it’s Not) [Muon Thi Van]

BHC Press 2019 Young Adult Teen Fiction Sampler [Various Authors]

The Grace Year [Kim Liggett]

Under Pressure [Tanya Lloyd Kyi]

Join the No-Plastic Challenge [Scot Ritchie]

It Started with a Big Bang [Floor Bal]

A Curse so Dark and Lonely [Brigid Kemmerer]

Aya and Papaya Learn to Imagine [MQ]

Stuck With You [Christina Mandelski]

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