I very nearly used the same quote from last month for this month on account of how many books I read. I’d forgotten I’d used it already for the exact same purpose. Well, on account of the fact that I did a Harry Potter Readathon in September, I feel as though this quote is an adequate description for the month of reading I did.

My review count went down to 17 this month, probably as a result of my excessive reading for the House Battles readathon. That said, I did read quite a bit more. This month alone was a month of 51 books. Now, some were children’s books and some were graphic novels, but even then, many were full length novels. Suffice to say, I’m rather proud of myself.

This month, for me, ironically enough the absolute best story I read did not come from a published (or to soon be published) novel. This is pretty rare for me, to tell you the truth. Rather than a novel, the best read of September came from a web series on WebToon that I basically counted as a graphic novel. If you’re looking for a fantastic fantasy story with amazing and unforgettable characters, I would highly suggest getting WebToon right now so you can read Nothing Special by Katie Cook. It is utterly magnificent and is already well into season two (which is the best one, tbh).

Seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, you really need to.

Topside [J. N. Monk]

Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood [Ben Zaehringer]

Winter [Marissa Meyer]

Iced Out [C. K. Smouha]

Eek, You Reek! [Jane Yolen & Heidi E. Y. Stemple]

A Warm Friendship [Ellen DeLange]

A Heart So Fierce and Broken [Brigid Kemmerer]

Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw [Gina Loveless]

Seafire [Natalie C. Parker]

Little Mama [Halim Mahmouidi]

Help Wanted: Must Love Books [Janet Sumner Johnson]

Kind Mr. Bear [Steve Smallman]

Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die [Nikki Tate]

Steel Tide [Natalie C. Parker]

Cursed [Thomas Wheeler]

Striped Pajamas [Firat Yasa]

The Animal Awards [Martin Jenkins]

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