the princess diariesMy reread of this series with the intent of finishing it wholly kind of fell apart, I have to admit. But, I did manage to get at least one review out of the whole thing for the first book which is at least something, right? I definitely have to get back to this and try to review the others. The thing I hate most about it all is that the longer you take to review something–which happens because life is life is life–the more you forget about it and the less informed your review actually becomes. So, maybe I’ll have to reread some of the books in that case. As far as this book goes, I’m pretty sure nearly half the world has heard of The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot at some point within their lives, though many might be more familiar with the film than they are with the book. And in truth, I can’t say that I would particularly blame anyone for that. I infinitely prefer the movie to the book. Go figure.

This is the story of Mia Thermopolis, a young daughter of a royal prince in Genovia who suddenly has to accept her as his heir as a result of testicular cancer that basically makes it impossible for him to have any other children. Mia was never meant to be the heir, but now suddenly she must go through princess lessons, walk around with a bodyguard, and put up with her insane grandmother all the while attempting to navigate the life of a typical teenage girl. Honestly, what it comes down to in terms of why I like the movie more, I think, is the horrible–and meant to be horrible–character of Clarisse Renaldi. I just can’t stand her in the books. I know we’re not meant to like her, but Julie Andrews was the first experience I had with this character and I just love her more.

Feel free to drop by and read my review for this novel if you’re looking to hear more of my thoughts on this subject. Or take some time to check it out on Goodreads if you’ve not yet read it. Maybe leave a review if you’ve not written one but you already read it! And, as always, happy reading everyone!

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