nothing specialI fell utterly in love with Katie Cook’s Nothing Special insanely fast. A comic series that I found on Webtoon, Nothing Special is a story about a teenage girl who has always felt like somewhat of an outcast in the human world and prefers to talk to the spirits of plants all non-humans can see than the humans around her. Callie Benson’s life changes when one of her fellow students begins seeing the plant spirits as well and realizes that she knows what they are. And when her father suddenly goes is kidnapped, Callie and her new best friend, Declan Hickey, set off on a dangerous adventure to find and rescue him.

Despite the somewhat dark nature of Callie’s father’s disappearance–there was a mild amount of blood on the walls!–Nothing Special is actually an incredibly cute comic and story. The flow of the tale and the adorable cartoonish quality of the artwork allows for the dark aspects and characters to come off as rather light-hearted in the most fascinating of ways. And best of all, you fall in love with the characters super quickly.

From Callie, to Declan, to Raddish, and even to Lasser whom you do initially kind of hate–but don’t worry, he really grows on you!–everyone in this wonderful series is so easy to adore. Honestly, I’d be really surprised if anyone could legitimately say that they don’t love the amazing personalities that lead the adventures held within the pages of this webcomic.

The story is very episodic, which fits the fact that each installment is referred to as a season rather than a graphic novel. At only 29 chapters, season one is a rather quick and brilliant read, complete with light-hearted darkness and a wonderful cutesy feel to it. I happened to love this story so much that in the span of two months, I have already read it more than five times.

The only complaint I could ever possibly have about Nothing Special is the fact that it is not available for me to purchase as a graphic novel.


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