hocus pocusIt’s nearing the time for Halloween and so I think it’s really about time that I featured this gorgeous cover for Cover Love Friday! Hocus Pocus is a tale that has reached countless amounts of people. I, myself, know many people just like me who watch the film literally every October. This movie, in so many ways, has had a huge impact on a lot of lives to the point that it is played on tv every year as well. Last year was the 25th anniversary and it was also the year that the novelization with a sequel came out! Ironically, I only just finished reading it this week.

The cover for this book is a simple one. An entirely black background with a bright yellow moon in the center, Hocus Pocus’ cover doesn’t have a lot on it to create a busy atmosphere. But you know from the very first second you see this cover what it is about. The iconic silhouettes of the three witches that exist as antagonists for this story take up a large portion of the top of this cover. And it’s such an amazing and clever way to decorate this book. Winifred, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson look out at you from this cover, the hair and lips making it very clear who is who.

The text and colors on this cover could not be more perfect. As a cover, this book really draws you in the very second you first see it. If you had any love for the film, you know that you’re going to be picking this book up to at least look at it, if not buy it and take it home.

What are your thoughts on this cover? Did it pull you in? Is it the kind you’d want on your shelf? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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