nothing specialThe second installment of Nothing Special by Katie Cook is finished and I have no idea what to do with the rest of my life! Okay, that’s probably overly dramatic and not entirely true, but still. The lack of this story in my life has definitely made my week somewhat less exciting. In such a short time, I have become incredibly attached to Callie, Declan, Radish, and Lasser. And if you read this series, I’m certain that you will, too.

I have to preface this review by saying that if you haven’t read season one of Nothing Special, there will be some small spoilers popping up in this review of season two since the major plot is very much centered around important events from the first.

Nothing Special part two picks right back up with all your favorite characters. They’ve finished their first adventure and now both Callie and Declan have graduated high school with Radish, as usual, by their sides. Lasser is now working for Callie and her father at the Antiques and Oddities shop they run and Declan is still kind of learning the ropes about this other world he’s only recently learned he’s a part of. But when Declan’s injured wing begins starting fires and causing him to faint, the three soon determine that they must set out to the Earth Fairy estate to find out what’s wrong with him.

I had so much fun reading this fantastic follow-up to the first season of Nothing Special. It was here, I think, where I really found myself falling in love with the characters and the story. The utterly adorable artwork continues and Lasser has developed a rather amusing love of romance novels that he is, unfortunately, using as a guide to finding his own romantic partner. All new characters arrive, each unique and wonderful in their own ways. I especially adored Quinn.

Cook did a magnificent job of balancing out the hilarity and evilness of the villain just as she did with the one last season. I have to admit I grew rather fond of this evil, especially as he interacted with the other characters. It was just the perfect amount of cute and dark mixed together.

I fully believe that the second installment has expanded and improved upon the world and story that Katie Cook brought in season one. And after how utterly brilliant season two turned out to be, I simply cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in season three! Now the only question is how patiently will I be able to wait for it?


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