I almost didn’t request this one. After reading the synopsis for Aline and the Blue Bottle by Carolina Ugaz-Moran, I just couldn’t figure out exactly what the purpose of the plot is. On the one hand, I am fully recognizing that there might be something missing from the synopsis and it sounded intriguing enough that I could see myself reading it. I’m not sure what more I wanted, but it just didn’t do too great a job of selling this book to me.

aline and the blue bottle

All families have secrets, but one day Aline discovers that a multitude of secrets surround her. Her family is not her family, and her home is not her home—nothing is what it previously seemed. The biggest secret of all is that ancient magic from another world has entered the universe in pieces, which Aline herself must be the one to collect. To do so, she must go through time and space into a magical world to find her powers, powers that have been left to her alone. In this new and unfamiliar place, surrounded by fantastical creatures and unique languages, Aline befriends two sylphs. They help her understand that she must find and claim a legendary blue bottle to save all magical worlds from the evil Dashiok, who is trying to destroy them. Will Aline make the right choices in this unfamiliar land and find her confidence in time to save the worlds and magic as she knows it?

What are your thoughts on this book? Does it sound like something you’d be interested in requesting? Let me know in the comments!

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