It’s the weekend! And to start off this weekend, I’m thrilled to be featuring Klaren @ Read to Survive and her review for Unwind by Neal Shusterman. An avid reader like many of you, Klaren’s online presence is brought on by her love and passion for reading and sharing bookish opinions with others. Building connections with others about the books we read is always an amazing thing, after all. As for Klaren, she’s a big fan of 1984 and the Shatter Me Series, so there’s a starting point.

unwindWith last month having been October, Klaren went for a spooky (or creepy) book to review, and I couldn’t agree more with the choice. I loved Unwind and this novel definitely falls into the category of having a rather terrifying premise. Trust me when I say it’s a book worth reading.

It's so well thought, in my opinion the author is a genius, this book is basically about parents being able to decide to "Unwound" their kids when they are in the age between 13 and 18, they go to the harvest camp where they get "cut into little pieces" and the parts of their bodies will be reused by people who needed them, for example a person that lost an arm could find another arm from an Unwind.

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