the little androidThere’s something truly magical about Marissa Meyer’s retellings. In so many ways I’ve fallen in love with every tiny piece of writing that pertains to the world of The Lunar Chronicles. As an avid fan of the story of The Little Mermaid, Meyer’s The Little Android is unquestionably a story I’ve fallen in love with each and every time I read it. Though perhaps one of my least reread of Meyer’s work, the brilliance to this story makes it one of my most favored.

The story begins with Mech6.0, an android working in one of New Bejing’s hangars, though she dreams of being human herself. As a young engineer with whom Mech6.0 has become quite besotted falls into an oil vat, she wastes no time in jumping in after him to save his life. But androids are not meant to be submerged in oil and the act severely damages her tech body.

It is soon after that she manages to cross paths with renown mechanic, Linh Cinder, who though she is unable to fix Mech6.0, is able to install her personality chip into a new body. The only catch is that this new body, that of an escort droid, has no voice.

The story is one of the most clever takes on The Little Mermaid that I’ve seen and follows the Hans Christian Andersen tale more closely than it does the Disney version of the tale. Mech6.0, now known as Star, is able to return to her hanger and now sene as a person rather than a piece of technology. The tale is both beautiful and tragic, a Sci-Fi retelling of a story that many have known and loved for years.

And I, for one, could not imagine a better Little Android.


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