Honestly, it’s probably terrible but my main reason for requesting Foxfire Story by Foxfire Fund Inc was because of all the times the word fox was involved. Now, I wouldn’t have requested it solely on that purpose because I don’t want to request something I wouldn’t want to read, but I’d definitely be lying if I didn’t admit to the fact that the fox bit definitely played a pretty large role.

foxfire story

A fascinating exploration of the rich oral traditions of Southern Appalachia, and the latest volume in the classic, multi-million-copy-selling Foxfire series. An Anchor Original.

Since 1972, the Foxfire books have preserved and celebrated the culture of Southern Appalachia for countless readers all around the world. In Foxfire Story, folklorist (and Foxfire director) T.J. Smith collects some of his favorite stories from the archives to explore the oral traditions that have been part of the culture of the mountains for centuries. Here are instances of mountain speech, proverbs and sayings, legends, folktales, anecdotes, songs, and pranks and jests, along with ghost tales and accounts of folk belief, as well as stories from half a dozen of the region's finest storytellers. Smith digs deep into the role storytelling plays in the Southern Appalachian community, identifying the different traditions that can be found in Southern Appalachia and exploring how they convey a sense of place--and of identity.

What are your thoughts on this book? Does it sound like something you’d be interested in requesting? Let me know in the comments!

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