I’m revamping Throwback Thursday again! Last time the change was to include the book’s synopsis and this time I’ve decided that it fits my goals a little more to include parts of my review instead, since that’s really what TBT for Reader Fox has always been about.

This week, in honor of the wonderful Marissa Meyer and the fact that the final book in her Renegades Trilogy, Supernova is out (TODAY if you’re counting when I wrote this, but by the time this is posted two days will have passed)! And I thought, what better time to throwback to reviewing the first novel?

I didn’t like Renegades when I first read it and so my review does reflect that. With time passed, a reread, and the read of a sequel, I do like it a little bit more. Perhaps not as much as I love her prior books in The Lunar Chronicles, but it was still more enjoyable than I’d previously thought.renegades

Though I’d been incredibly excited for this novel at the start, had excitedly rushed home from Barnes and Noble with my purchase–happily having been informed by the salesclerk that this book was actually a very popular one–I had a lot of trouble rating Renegades by Marissa Meyer. This was largely on account of the fact that I, to an incredibly high and likely very personal degree, feel as though Marissa Meyer deserves so much more than a three star rating for any book that she’s written. Not only is Meyer my favorite author, but she is an incredible writer and has always, without fail, managed to weave some quite impressive and addicting stories for my reading pleasure in the past in the past.

I felt it with The Lunar Chronicles. I felt it with Heartless.

I did not feel it with Renegades.

Meyer’s writing is powerful, I’ll... [read more]

Marissa Meyer is on tour this month, by the way! So if you’re interested in potentially joining her to celebrate her most recent novel, feel free to check out her schedule! I’ll be joining her at at least one of these events and I cannot wait!

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