aline and the blue bottleIf you were around last week, you probably remember this book. I fell in love with and requested Aline and the Blue Bottle from NetGalley largely based on its utterly gorgeous cover. If you ever want to know what it looks like for a cover to sell a book, take a look at this one. While I was interested enough in the plot to be willing to request this book, there’s a fairly high chance I might have passed it up had the cover not blown me away as much as it did.

Aline and the Blue Bottle really got my attention largely, I think, because of the color. There’s such a stark contrast with the background and the center. You have the darkness of the bridge, the forest, and the castle. Even the main character is shrouded in shadows. But before her and behind her are some very bright colors, that of a light shining below and the magic coming from the blue bottle and the fairies before her.

The title is bold in the best of ways. It’s out there, it grabs you, and though I don’t particularly care for the title that was chosen, I love the way it was put on the cover. The author’s name is also put in a great place.

I’m a huge fan of this cover, obviously, but what did you think? What do you like most? Is there anything you don’t like? Let me know in the comments! Happy reading, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Aline and the Blue Bottle [Carolina Ugaz-Moran] Cover Love Friday!

    1. Carolina, I intend to get your book for my granddaughter, who loves everything magic. But WHO was the illustrator for your cover, and are there pics inside the book? I have my first children’s book (same age-range) under contract, and am looking for illustrators as samples to give to the publisher. Thanks! I am at
      Edith M. Humphrey


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