the christmas pactI did not like The Christmas Pact by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward at all. I suppose there’s something to be said for the fact that I probably never would have read this had it not been offered to me for free as an audible original. However, that said, this book was just bad. From creepy and, at times, misogynistic men masquerading as poor wronged hurt blokes and overly cheesy lines to unrealistic romance and, frankly, a flat and boring main character…there was just nothing worth liking?

Maybe the premise was okay?

The Christmas Pact‘s main premise is that the two main characters constantly have their emails mixed up because they work for the same company and basically have the same name. Riley Kennedy’s attempt at reaching out to an advice columnist re: her mother’s demeaning Christmas e-mail results in a mishap when her response is sent to non other than the annoying jerk, Kennedy Riley.

Honestly, those names could be swapped around and it wouldn’t even matter.

Suddenly, he decides criticizing her on her life and inability to talk to her mother is his business and does so instead of simply forwarding her e-mails. After a work Christmas party, somehow he stalks her into pretending to fake date for their families in order to prevent them from having to deal with the misfortune of feeling like the disappointment when they visit home.

I feel like I’ve seen this plot too many times.

In general, I don’t actually mind this premise. I’m actually a huge fan of the film The Wedding Date. It can be really fun and interesting…when done well.

The Christmas Pact was not done well. It was kind of a conglomerate of awful male love interest, disgustingly cheesy dialogue, overused tropes, bad writing, and bland yet inconsistent characters. [spoiler]Also, don’t even get me started on the sue-able offence breach of confidentiality that happens at the end.[/spoiler] I’m generally not the biggest fan of over the top romance novels nor do I care for sex scenes, so I sometimes tend to blame my dislike for novels in this genre on personal preference.

I don’t think I can claim that to be the case here.

I just…I hated it. I hated everything about it.

I don’t do creepy male love interests. At least, not unless they’re supposed to be recognized for being creepy. I don’t do ridiculous dialogue. I don’t do excessively unrealistic love plots. And I especially don’t do bad writing. So, what’s left?

Yeah…I got nothing.


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