internet explorerHonestly? I kind of gave up on reading Internet Explorer by Merryweathery and illustrated by Princess Hinghoi. The overall concept of this web comic was a decent one, I think? I mean, the internet has been joking about web browsers since FireFox came out and began the whole battle. I don’t know about you, but I’m rather partial to the one comic / meme that portrays them all as young toddlers, showing FireFox and Chrome in an eternal battle (where, admittedly, and much to my chagrin Chrome is obviously winning) and Internet Explorer is in the corner eating glue.

browser meme

Well, I thought it was hilarious.

As far as this web comic goes, though, I think it had a good start. The beginning of the series was enjoyable enough. While it wasn’t outright funny like I was hoping for and kind of expecting, the story had moments where it was genuinely amusing.

And then it got weird.

To be completely honest with you, I don’t remember exactly what it was that turned me off the series. But at some point down the line of reading, waiting for the next chapter to be uploaded, the series just…sort of lost its message? I think, ultimately, the whole thing needed to stay a commentary about what the world thinks of internet browsers.

Instead, it kind of turned into some weird conspiracy nonsense and odd magic that just didn’t make sense. 

And I think, ultimately, it was enough for me to say that yes, the premise is good, the start was decent…but it couldn’t really hold up in the end. At some point, you’ve said almost as much as you really can with all of this. There’s not much more to the story and dragging it out for the sake of your web comic isn’t really all that great of  a plan.


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