cinderella rexI’m back with another exciting Cinderella retelling, this time one for children who love both fairytales and dinosaurs! There was no question that I’d be picking up Cinderella Rex by Christy Webster and illustrated by Holly Hatam the moment I saw it. I pretty much try to read every Cinderella retelling I can get my hands on at this point. And I’m happy to report that Cinderella Rex was in no way a disappointment!

Featuring a young dinosaur living with her stepfamily who loves nothing more than to dance every chance she gets, Cinderella Rex pulls you right in. It follows all the typical Cinderella milestones, from her doing all the chores to her family refusing to allow her to go to the ball. In pops her Fairy-Triceratops to save the day and off she goes to dance the night away.

The prince becomes entranced by the amazing dancing skills of our very own Cinderella Rex, curfew demands she must leave, and we even get a nod to the big head / little arms joke that often comes about with tyrannosaurus rexes. And honestly? I loved every moment of this story. The illustrations were an adorable bonus, with bright colors and cute characters to keep any kid engaged.

While I’m not the biggest dinosaur lover, it did warm my heart to know that there is a story out there with a Cinderella dinosaur for all boys and girls to fall in love with.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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