Yes, I do intend to read Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan. Though, as I sit here and recall the first novel of this series I can’t quite put my finger on why. I didn’t hate book one, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it. It’s one of those things where I’m at a crossroads of, sure, I could read it and I don’t mind doing so but also…why bother? Still, I like reading and I hate removing books from my TBR, so there you go.

ruthless godsDarkness never works alone...

Nadya doesn’t trust her magic anymore. Serefin is fighting off a voice in his head that doesn’t belong to him. Malachiasz is at war with who--and what--he’s become.

As their group is continually torn apart, the girl, the prince, and the monster find their fates irrevocably intertwined. They’re pieces on a board, being orchestrated by someone… or something. The voices that Serefin hears in the darkness, the ones that Nadya believes are her gods, the ones that Malachiasz is desperate to meet—those voices want a stake in the world, and they refuse to stay quiet any longer.

Is Ruthless Gods on your TBR? Leave me a why or why not in the comments!

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