wait, what?Wait, What? by Heather Corinna and illustrated by Isabella Rotman is the growing up book about gender, sexuality, puberty, and just life in general that I wish I’d had access to as a kid. I think one thing that was massively difficult for me to recognize as an adult was just how little I actually knew about all of these things and how stunted my growth was in general as a result of it. I learned a lot of things late in my life.

With this book, however, I can safely say that those who read it will be much better off than I was in a variety of ways. Wait, What? is a very diverse and inclusive book for young teenagers trying to figure out their place as their bodies and mind change throughout those very formative years in their life. It discusses important topics from puberty itself to gender identity and sexuality in-depth. It also includes information on what it means to identify as ace or aro, which to my knowledge is not something that is discussed as often as others.

Overall, there is much to appreciate about Wait, What? from its wonderful illustrations to the plethora of useful and insightful information it provides to teenagers who are likely going through one of the most confusing times of their lives. In every way I find this to be the best book about those formative teenage years that I’ve ever read.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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