pterapunzelOnce Before Time, Christy Webber is back with yet another dinosaur fairy-tale retelling and I am already in love! Illustrated by Gladys Jose, Pterapunzel is yet another brilliant and beautiful reworking of classic fairytales with dinosaurs at the forefront. First we had Cinderella Rex and Sleeping Bronty and now Rapunzel gets her own dinosaur makeover for the pleasure of children everywhere.

I just absolutely adore how Webber weaves her stories. Within moments of beginning this book I was eager and excited to learn what she had in store for Pterapunzel. Webber certainly did not disappoint and we are quickly introduced to a young girl who has been locked away in a tower all because an evil witch wants to be the only one to hear her lovely singing voice. She enchants long hair onto our heroine so that she may climb in to listen to her singing whenever she wishes.

Soon a prince comes along who is also quite fond of music and he and Pterapunzel make a plan for him to return with a ladder in order to free her. But in this story, rather than having a damsel in distress, the author decides to empower not only Pterapunzel, but any little girl reading her tale. So, when the angry and jealous witch catches the prince leaving and returns to try and keep the young dinosaur for herself, Pterapunzel takes matters into her own wings.

Gorgeous artwork and a beautiful, empowering story make Pterapunzel my absolute favorite of this series of Once Before Time dinosaur retellings. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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