For a book with such a beautiful cover, I’m kind of sad about the fact that I’m not interested in Redemption Prep by Samuel Miller. While I’ve been on the lookout lately for a mystery book that will shock me, since every book I’ve read in the past I’ve been able to figure out fairly early on, this just doesn’t seem like it’s for me. And I’ll be honest, it was the religious aspect that turned me off the most. Still, the plot doesn’t seem all that great at surface level, either.

redemption prepEveryone knows Emma. Neesha’s her best friend, Aiden’s her basketball star boyfriend, and Evan’s her shadow, following Emma’s every move. She stands out, which is hard to do at Redemption Prep, a school where every student has been handpicked to attend its remote campus in the forest of Utah. So when she goes missing in plain sight, everyone notices. And everyone becomes a suspect, especially at a school with strict rules: Don’t skip mass. Don’t break curfew. Don’t go into the woods.

Emma’s disappearance ignites an investigation, and Neesha, Aiden, and Evan all want to find her—for different reasons. But they each have their own secrets to hide, and not everyone wants Emma to be found.

As the search continues, the students realize that they’re not the only ones trying to hide something. Redemption Prep has secrets, too—secrets bigger than any of the students could have imagined, and Emma could be the key to finding out the truth… if anyone can find her.
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Is Redemption Prep on your TBR?
Do you disagree with it not being on mine? Why?
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