castle swimmerI don’t know about you but for me, there are precious few stories as exceptional as Wendy Lian Martin’s Castle Swimmer. I decided to read this LGBTQ webcomic on a whim one day, just happening across it on the WebToon app and I fell in love faster than I ever would have imagined with the characters and their story. With a thoroughly engaging plot and some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen, Castle Swimmer quite easily found a place in my list of favorite reads. As it recently returned for season two, I figured now would be a great time to review the first one.

I’m honestly in love with this story.

Kappa is a young merman, born to be what all those living in the ocean call the Beacon. For every group of fish folk that lives beneath the sea, each has a prophecy that involves the Beacon. Kappa’s entire life has been spent fulfilling the prophecies, sometimes to the pleasure and sometimes to the disappointment of the people obsessed with what their prophecy says he will do for them. Whenever he swims near something that pertains to a prophecy, Kappa is pulled, somewhat against his will, toward it until the prophecy is complete.

Though he knows this as his life’s purpose, it has also led Kappa to feel very alone in the world.

 Enter Siren, the young Prince of the sharks.

They have a prophecy of their own.

According to the prophecy Siren has spent his entire life waiting for, it is his destiny to kill the Beacon and save his people from a horrible curse that leaves them all perpetually at risk of injury or death. But when the time comes that the sharks have captured Kappa, Siren finds himself unable to strike the final blow that will break the curse upon his people forever.

Castle Swimmer is a must-read.

Believe me when I say that you are sorely missing out if you’ve not read this comic series. One of only three that I am desperately wishing to have a book at some point, Castle Swimmer is an exceptional tale with exciting twists and turns that you won’t want to miss!


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