So, I’m on a bit of a NetGalley request ban, buy which I mean I have requested so many books that I’m unable to keep up and therefore I am severely limiting the number of books I allow myself to click that button for. I wish I were kidding, but I actually have 246 unreviewed books currently. That’s 246 reviews I have to write (213 I have to read) before I can allow myself to go nuts on NetGalley again.

And yet I find myself continually checking the Recently Added page every single day.

It’s a real problem.

What’s worse is that I miss my Recent NetGalley Requests post series. And so, I decided today that the best way to curb my desire to request literally hundreds of books I do not have the time to read, I will instead be sharing with you all the books that I likely would have requested if I didn’t have too many currently.

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