Happy book birthday to All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson! Honestly, I don’t think that the blurb for this book does a great job of selling it to readers. I kind of leave reading it feeling thoroughly underwhelmed with it all. And I find myself wondering…okay, so this is a memoir, is it anything else? Well, this is an incredibly important read and I am going to leave you all with a quote from it to really send home why that is so.

“No amount of money, love, or support can protect you from a society intent on killing you for your blackness, and shows that a community that has been taught that anyone “not straight” is dangerous.”

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all boys aren't blueFarrar, Straus and Giroux has bought world rights to journalist and LGBTQ+ activist George M. Johnson's YA memoir, All Boys Aren't Blue. The memoir takes stories from his life growing up as a queer black teen to show readers how they can fight for themselves or be allies in the struggle for equity and equality. Publication is set for winter 2020.

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