This book is time travel and steampunk all mixed up into one bound group of pages and I am so here for it.

Request The Quest of the Prodigy by Claire Smith?

the quest of the prodigyA fun and exciting steampunk adventure for middle-grade and young teen readers!

When Mimi Mockel discovers an unusual crimson tome in the public library, life suddenly becomes complicated. Attacked by two Ambassadors of Time, she barely manages to escape.

Safely back at home, she and her younger brother, Albert, meet the book’s author: the posh and quirky British time-traveling thief Sebastian “Bas” Barkley. When Bas invites them onboard his Bas House—a universe-hopping, time-traveling marvel of futuristic engineering—life quickly turns from bizarre to out-of-this-world crazy.  

Now it’s up to Mimi to save the people from the year 4218 from a vicious world-wide civil war—if she can only believe in herself. With the help of a handsome ginger named Richie Styles, a suave and charming student at the Academy of Alchemy, her confidence blossoms and she immerses herself into her studies and training.  

But the Ambassadors are closing in, testing Mimi’s resolve to the limits. Can she master alchemy and embrace her destiny as the prodigy? Or will she give into her fears and allow time to be erased…forever.

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