116892In hindsight, the fact that my abusive ex is the one who recommended that I read The Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox is a clear sign to how utterly terrible this book truly is. I recall, at the time, feeling bad that I disliked so much this book that he had suggested I read. Then again, a good majority of his recommendations turned out to be terrible reads. It’s just more to tack on to the list of things I regret about that relationship, I suppose. Reading this book is definitely something I regret.

What amazes me about this book is that it’s meant to be humorous in some way. My entire experience with it, though, is ultimately disgust and hatred. The Alphabet of Manliness is basically a book that supports toxic masculinity and sexual assault. I don’t recall once thinking anything in this book was funny, insightful, or good.

Supposedly the author is funny. Supposedly he has a website that provides readers with amusing and worth-reading ideas. After my experience with this book, though, I am very skeptical that such a thing could be true.


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