Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova is one of those books that really just grabs you. And it does so in a number of ones. To start, there’s that cover. Plain and simple, we all know it’s gorgeous. Second, there’s a murder plot. Third, memory thief, need I say more?

incendiaryAn epic tale of revenge and redemption in a world where a memory thief must fight against terrifying monarchs bent on the destruction of her people.

When the royal family of Puerto Leones sets out to destroy magic through a grand and terrible inquisition, spy and memory-thief Renata seeks to kill the prince, leader of the King's Justice, who plans to use a terrible new weapon to wipe out the magic of the Moria...

For fans who enjoyed the ferocity of Ember in the Ashes, INCENDIARY explores the double-edged sword of memory and the triumph of hope and love in the midst of fear and oppression.

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Honestly, if this one isn’t on your TBR…you’re wrong. Imo.

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