love, love, love the idea behind Not Your #Lovestory by Sonia Hartl. Everything about it just screams fun. From the viral meet-cute to the feelings fro the boy next door. I am so sad I’m on a NetGalley request ban right now because I would read the hell out of this book.

Request Not Your #Lovestory?

not your #lovestory#PlaneBae meets Gilmore Girls in this hilarious and heartfelt contemporary about the addictiveness of fame and the harsh realities of going viral in a digital world.

When Macy Evens meets a boy named Eric, she's smitten but not head-over-heels. He's funny but also kind of a jerk. They hit it off, though she never gets his number, so Macy's sure she'll never see him again. Until she finds out a stranger witnessed their supposed "meet cute" and live tweeted it to a captive online audience.

What started as an innocent thread gained retweets, until now, Macy and Eric are a viral sensation. Her YouTube channel has never been more popular, but the masses aren't clicking her subscribe button for reviews of old VHS tapes. They only care about her not-actually-a-relationship with Eric. While he's more than happy to milk his newfound fame, Macy is worried about how this unwanted attention could impact her real relationships-especially with the shy boy next-door, Paxton, who she's actually developing feelings for.

With Macy's faux-romance going viral, the whole world is watching to see what she does next. And so is she.

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