It’s a very odd feeling to review a book that relates so very much to your work. At the same time, though, I have very strong feelings about this work as a whole. I’ve worked for the company behind this instruction for nearly five years now. It’s the first job I ever loved and work that I remain forever proud of. In short, my job entails teaching children how to read. We primarily specialize in teaching those who have struggled to learn in the past. And the most rewarding thing about my job has been the knowledge that I have changed a number of lives for the better. In this world, not being able to read is experimental to one’s ability to function as an adult. Not only that, but we have another program that focuses on comprehension.

Seeing Stars is one of the main foundational programs that I regularly work with. I have seen this program, first hand, help more students than I could personally count. I’ve been a part of utilizing it to improve and build reading abilities for many children and adults alike. The fact of the matter is that this manual is a beginning step to learning how to apply these ideas to building foundational skills for reading, much of which comes down to sensory cognitive functions and building imagery.

I don’t personally think, however, that the manual itself is a complete substitute for learning how to teach this program. With that said, however, it is definitely worthwhile insofar as it provides incredibly valuable information regarding how to teach reading skills and foundations. I believe wholeheartedly in the fidelity of this program and therefore the benefits this book provides for those who read it.

I fundamentally believe that the world needs education in order to be a better place. Ensuring that everyone I have the ability to reach is able to read and comprehend to their potential is something I find immeasurably important. More than anything I aspire to make a genuine difference in this world through helping others develop themselves. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to work with children and to entirely change their lives around by helping them to build this ability to read and understand.

The Seeing Stars manual doesn’t teach you every little thing you need to know to develop these abilities as well as getting the instruction from a Lindamood-Bell learning center. But it does give anyone who reads it a starting point, one that can make an amazing and genuine difference in the lives of anyone who uses it.


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