fowl languageI’ve said it before, but Brian Gordon is a gift to the world. I couldn’t tell you which of his Fowl Language books is the best, but I can tell you that Welcome to Parenting is a great place to start. Honestly, I’m kinda of the mind that every parent should have a copy of Gordon’s books. It’s probably terrible of me that I haven’t bought one for my sister just yet since she’s a mom while I am not. Ultimately, though, as someone who works with children, I find Gordon’s content both hilarious and relatable.

Also, I have a dog and while it may not be quite the same thing, there are definitely some parallels between my almost two-year-old border collie and a toddler.

I spent a rather excessive amount of time parsing through the archives of Brian Gordon’s website about a year ago. So much to the point that I had actually seen many of the comics that made their way into this book prior to reading it. I don’t regret purchasing the book, though, as it will perpetually serve as a hilarious coffee table book that I am proud to show off to friends and will likely love to return to by the time I have children of my own.

Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting is unquestionably one of those books that tired parents will need to give them a quick pick me up. When those moments of pure exhaustion take over, this is the sort of book that is there to give you a good laugh at something you can relate to and kind of bring you back to a lighthearted moment. And it’s done so well.

I’m immensely pleased to have my own physical collection of Gordon’s comics; they’re sitting on my coffee table right now. But, admittedly, you can still get a similar amount of enjoyment by popping over to his website and going through the archives.


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